Should Tangipahoa Parish apologize for lynchings?

Michael J. Pfeifer, the author of several books about lynching and its roots in the United States, told me last week that the New Orleans massacre "was a horrific act of collective violence inspired by ethnic prejudice, but it was hardly the largest act of collective violence in Louisiana history. Someone,” he said, “should be talking about Bloody Tangipahoa.”

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Edward Toefield, Jr. A hero’s death remembered

According to court testimony, witnesses saw Thomas Sparks, Jr., 34; shoot Ed Toefield in front of a Hi-Ho restaurant on Highway 51 outside Amite. Toefield had just put handcuffs on Spark’s left wrist when Sparks pulled a pistol from the front of his trousers and shot his arresting officer.

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Sheriff's Office Police Line

Unanswered questions in Kentwood police shoot-out

For many, this case left questions unanswered, those regarding motive, an alleged tri-parish drug-smuggling operation, and the accusation that an Assistant District Attorney covertly swore allegiance to the Ku Klux Klan.

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Confessed Axe-man dies in Tangipahoa Parish jail

A century later, historians still cannot prove the identity of the Axe-man, but one Tangipahoa Parish police officer may have taken the answer to his grave.

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Justice catches up with Goodyear Killer

In 1986, a federal court magistrate granted Spears a new trial citing concerns about the original testimony. District Attorney Duncan Kemp had three months to retry Spears or set him free.

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