Confessed Axe-man dies in Tangipahoa Parish jail

A century later, historians still cannot prove the identity of the Axe-man, but one Tangipahoa Parish police officer may have taken the answer to his grave.

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Justice catches up with Goodyear Killer

In 1986, a federal court magistrate granted Spears a new trial citing concerns about the original testimony. District Attorney Duncan Kemp had three months to retry Spears or set him free.

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Goodyear Killer escapes justice multiple times

The killing rampage began after at 5:30: PM August 8, 1975, as the Hammond Goodyear Tire Center closed for the day. With the doors still unlocked, the store’s manager and assistant manager balanced the day’s books, as a black man walked in asking about cassette players. Producing a snub-nosed .22 caliber handgun, the intruder handcuffed the men together, and—as his captives begged for their lives—he shot both in the back of the head.

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1920s Hanging

McCrory found guilty, jury votes for hanging

On a Saturday morning, June 25, 1927, an Amite jury found Roy McCrory of Ponchatoula guilty of murder. The jury deliberated all night following the two-day trial and ultimately voted 11-2 for hanging.

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Bridegroom murdered after visiting betrothed

Henry Dalton Forrest died violently on the eve of his wedding less than three hours after visiting his betrothed. The list of suspects includes former suitors of the bride-to-be, random bandits, and relatives of both the future bride and bridegroom, but oddly enough, the man arrested seemed to have no motive whatsoever.

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